What is Podiatry (Chiropody)?

What is Podiatry (Chiropody)?

What is Podiatry (Chiropody)?

The assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of problems of the feet, ankles and lower limbs. Podiatrists undertake the same work as Chiropodists but often have additional training in the management of more complex foot and ankle conditions and are able to undertake biomechanical assessment.

It is often assumed that Podiatrists/Chiropodists only perform simple procedures such as nail clipping but the reality is our podiatrist at Truly Therapeutic Donna Douglas is a consummate, caring, friendly, highly trained professional who deals expertly with all areas of foot care.

  • Treatments and procedures include
  • General foot health and upkeep (see specific conditions below)
  • Treatment for acute foot conditions
  • Palliative foot care for anyone at risk
  • Wound management and vascular assessment
  • Diabetic treatments
  • Foot care management training sessions
  • Biomechanical assessment

Specific areas addressed include

  • Nail cutting clipping
  • In-growing toenails,
  • Callous and corn removal,
  • Verruca advice and or treatment,
  • Fungal advice and treatment,
  • Monitoring and treatment of any other foot problems/pain in the foot
  • The management /assessment of chronic long term conditions inc. diabetes, poor circulation and rheumatoid arthritis
  • And more…



Initial consultation and treatment - £25 for 30mins

Follow Up treatments - £25 - 30 mins

Follow Up treatments - £35 - 45mins

(All charges include the cost of dressings/padding etc if they are needed)



Basic Nail Cutting Service

We offer a shorter appointment for those requiring basic nail cutting only. 

This service is NOT recommended if you have any signs of -  

  • Infections to the toe or nail.
  • Thickness to nails which requires use of a podiatry drill
  • Corns or callous
  • This service does not supply dressings.

Should you require treatment for any of the list above a full podiatry/chriopody appointment is needed.

Basic Nail Cutting Appointment £18


Donna our Podiatrist offers a Biomechanical Assessment Service.

Who needs a biomechanical assessment?

A Muskoskeletal assessment, often carried out by a Physiotherapist, looks at what the presenting complaint is in relation to lower limb, ankle or foot pain and what may have caused it by examining bones, muscles, tendons and nerves. This will provide you with a clinical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Depending on the diagnosis a Biomechanical assessment may be needed, this looks at human locomotion (walking and running 'gait' cycle) and examining the function of the lower limb. This assessment determines normal function or anything that is causing an alteration to the normal function of the lower limb.

Change in the normal biomechanical function may result in deviations of bone, tendons or any abnormal forces/weakness being applied to the lower limb/ankle or foot, which may be the cause or contributory factor of pain in the lower limb.

Treatment options may include the prescription of orthoses to correct biomechanics thus reducing deviations of bone, tendons or any abnormal forces/weakness being applied to the lower limb/ankle or foot. Other treatments will also be discussed according to the diagnosis.

Biomechanical assessment where deemed appropriate can be for any problem with the lower leg as well as for more specific issues such as looking at running styles and giving you a link between your function and injury patterns.

Biomechanical assessments £50 for 45-60 mins

Biomechanical assessment (including casting of feet for custom made orthotics if needed.) -£60 for 45-60 mins Fitting appointment for bespoke orthotics - £25

Extra charge for orthotics dependent on what is required to be confirmed at time of assessment.


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