Post Natal Pilates

Post Natal Pilates


After having had a baby most women can experience a variety of problems including back or pelvis pain, poor core strength and damage or weakness to the stomach and/or pelvic floor muscles.

These problems may have delayed or stopped you from returning to your normal activities or exercise.

Whether your problems are acute or more chronic, in order to achieve the best recovery, prevent and address long term complications and to achieve a return to exercise you can access our specialist post natal assessment service.

Our Specialist Post Natal Assessment includes:

  • Full assessment and review from specially trained therapists in Post Natal Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Full review of current issues/problems caused by pregnancy and child birth
  • Assessment of posture, breathing control and core recruitment
  • Assessment of stomach muscle condition, strength and control
  • Review of pelvic floor control/problems
  • Specialist, tailored individual advice on return to Post Natal Exercise

Following the assessment where appropriate you will be given advice regarding individual rehabilitation exercises and 1:1 exercise sessions tailored to address highlighted issues.

Gift Vouchers are available for this service.


You must have completed our Specialist Post Natal Assessment before accessing our Post Natal Pilates & Exercise Rehabilitation Services.

Following completion of our Specialist Post Natal Assessment you will be advised of the most appropriate course of exercise.

These sessions are available in individual or blocks of exercise sessions.

We can offer:

  • Tailored individual advice alongside a Pilates and exercise rehabilitation programme
  • 1:1 sessions of Post Natal Pilates
  • 1:1 sessions of Post Natal Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Where appropriate and following advice you can join our regular Pilates classes
  • Specialist therapy appointments are also available to address specific musculoskeletal or abdominal muscle separation issues

Should you be interested in sessions with a friend or group sessions please enquire about suitability and availability.

Gift Vouchers are available for this service.

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