Management of Stress in the Workplace Programme

Management of Stress in the Workplace Programme

Management of Stress in the Workplace Programme

‘Stress is the number one cause of absenteeism in the workplace for the first time’ (CIPD/Simple Health Survey 2015)

Long hours, deadlines, regulations, assessments… no wonder that workplace stress is now commonplace. Employees suffer from ill-health as a result, and employers experience the negative benefits of absenteeism, reduced productivity and poor quality of work. But there are lots of steps that employers can take to alleviate stress in the workplace, and even prevent it from occurring. 

Alongside our Occupational Health and Wellbeing Days and other occupational health services, we offer a Management of Stress in the Workplace Programme for employees.

Our stress management course is aimed at helping members of staff to identify causes or triggers of stress. These causes may be work related or they may be personal, but could be negatively affecting the workplace or influencing a person’s ability at work. The course is tailored to deal with specific workplace issues or events that staff may feel stressed by. The course also aims to provide staff with exercises and techniques to help manage and reduce stress levels and improve relaxation for themselves and other members of staff. This includes a review of different facets of ‘a person-centred approach’, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and mindfulness and how this works.


Help your staff to reduce workplace stress

The Management of Stress in the Workplace Programme is delivered by our fully qualified counsellor and member of the BACP Brenda Lee. Brenda has over 20 years’ experience working with adults and children in a variety of settings including the workplace, NHS and schools. She is ideally placed to help guide staff through the stress recognition and management process and support staff who may need/benefit from further one-to-one counselling as required.

The course is delivered in a much more informal way than standard training sessions as this is a delicate area affecting people in very personal ways.


What our Management of Stress in the Workplace Programme covers

The course is divided into four one-hour sessions which can be delivered in two half days or one full day. Courses can be held at your workplace, though it is recommended that sessions are held in small groups at our Truly Therapeutic offices on St Georges Street in Chorley, away from the workplace, to enable staff to feel more comfortable to engage fully with the course to get the most benefit. Sessions are based on a minimum of six people and ideally no more than eight people.

SESSION ONE – Together we explore what kind of stressors we are facing at work and our day to day lives. Sometimes it feels like a miracle we still function, yet we do. How? Work life balance – exactly how balanced are we?

SESSION TWO – How is stress effecting our work force? General health and organisational skills can be significantly affected by prolonged exposure to stress; we look at the long and short term effects of stress on both mind and body, including recognising symptoms of stress we must take seriously.

SESSION THREE – Can we protect ourselves from the effects of stress? We look at coping strategies and how to prevent stress from taking control of our lives.

SESSION FOUR – The importance of mindfulness and relaxation. We look at the popular concept of mindfulness as a tool for combating the effects of stress. This session will end with a guided relaxation session.

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