Occupational Well Being Days

Occupational Well Being Days

Occupational Wellbeing Day

Our Occupational Health & Wellbeing Days are designed to introduce your staff to a range of ways in which they can stay healthy and reduce stress in the workplace. Used alone or in conjunction with one of our occupational health referral schemes, these days promote a proactive approach to an individual’s health and wellbeing, giving them tools to prevent illness and injury and to recognise and deal with stressful situations.

Benefits for employers and employees

  • Happy and healthy employees are more productive, less likely to be off sick and less likely to want to retire prematurely
  • Provision of an occupational wellbeing day out of the normal working week shows a commitment to staff and contributes to them feeling valued
  • Group activities help with team building and promote better teamwork
  • For every £1 spent on an occupational health and wellbeing service you can see a return of £3 in reduction of sickness, reduced productivity and reduced staff turnover*

Designed with your staff in mind, our Occupational Wellbeing Days are focused on providing services that will enable employees to address any stress and tension they are experiencing. This is done through a variety of techniques and sessions including, but not limited to:

At the end of the day your staff will feel less stress and anxiety, be tension free and more relaxed, and as a result more motivated.

Targeting individual needs is key to the success of an Occupational Wellbeing Day and we will therefore discuss your requirements and recommend the elements we believe you should include, resulting in a tailored package that suits your business and addresses the needs of your staff. Sessions can be half of full days, or even twilight sessions, for example 5pm – 8pm.

An Occupational Wellbeing Day is an ideal opportunity to show your staff how much you value and support them in one special day. Alternatively the day could be part of an ongoing program of occupational health services.


*Boorman S. NHS Health and Wellbeing Review Interim report. London. Department of Health 2009. http://bit.ly/2juCyfJ

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