Truly Fit and Healthy Fitness Classes

Truly Fit and Healthy Fitness Classes

Truly Fit and Healthy exercise classes

This class has been designed for anyone who wishes to increase their fitness and improve their health, or who needs help with weight management or weight loss.


Return to fitness at Truly Therapeutic

Truly Fit and Healthy exercise classes are ideal if:

  • You have not undertaken exercise for a while
  • Exercise has been restricted due to injury, surgery, spinal or other pain
  • You lack the confidence to attend a gym or initiate a new form of exercise alone
  • You need help to return to fitness after illness or injury

Unlike many other exercise classes, Truly Fit and Healthy classes are designed to allow each participant to develop their health and fitness whilst accommodating any health issues or physical problems they may have. These are not ‘one size fits all’ exercise classes, but a tailored and closely supervised exercise programme mixing cardiovascular strengthening with balance and core strengthening exercises. This will not only get you fit but increase your overall functional ability and capacity.


Small class size for optimal results

Your return to fitness at Truly Therapeutic will be led by Kathryn, our sports rehabilitation therapist and Pilates instructor. Kathryn will guide you through a circuit style exercise class that can be personalised to your abilities. Class sizes are limited to just six participants, meaning that everyone gets personal attention and guidance. We also find that small groups get to know each other and can become an inspirational source of encouragement as you embark on your return to fitness.


Join a Truly Fit and Healthy exercise class

Classes run on Thursday from 10am to 11am. Prior to attending the class we require you to undertake a simple health review which includes completing a health questionnaire and we also measure your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation to ensure you have no underlying safety reasons not to exercise. If you have had surgery in the four weeks prior to starting the course we may require a GP or consultant letter authorising that you are fit to exercise depending on the type of surgery you have had.


New additions coming soon:-

  • Alongside the exercise class for those who wish to keep to their correct BMI, we will be offering weight checks with nutritional advice.
  • We will also be offering one to one Training Sessions which can be used as little or often as required or they can be used alongside the group class.

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